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Project Development

In the field of project development, we oversee the entire lifecycle of our projects, from conception to completion. This entails working closely with our team of planners, including architects, structural engineers, and specialized planners. Together, we nurture the initial project idea, navigate the development phase, and ensure seamless execution. In some cases, we also assume responsibility for project management, ensuring the smooth realisation of our properties.

Project Development

In the domain of project development, we engage in making future-oriented decisions that carefully consider long-term perspectives. Vital components within this process encompass comprehensive market and location analyses, intricate financial considerations, optimal resource utilization, and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Project Realisation

During the implementation phase, we have a proficient project management team at our disposal. This team diligently oversees the planning, costs, deadlines, and quality aspects of the project.

Project Management

The project management for the listed properties is handled either by KoHa's in-house property management team or entrusted to partners, with the properties remaining within our own portfolio.

Fontane Hotel in Altenhof