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Building Construction/ Shell Construction

KoHa Bauausführung has accumulated significant experience in concrete and reinforced concrete construction, which constitutes the foundation of our core competencies. Our staff possesses the necessary qualifications to effectively handle various formwork systems and concrete types. We undertake construction projects encompassing residential, industrial, and commercial domains, utilizing both in-situ concrete construction and prefabricated building elements.
We have showcased our exceptional abilities in manufacturing prefabricated reinforced concrete elements directly on construction sites through the implementation of a method commonly referred to as a “field factory.” Moreover, during our years of involvement in the construction sector, we have developed a particular specialization in producing “white tubs” using WU-concrete. This service is conducted both internally and in collaboration with specialized companies.



Extended Shell Construction

We collaborate with our trusted subcontractors to meet the demands of extended shell construction. This encompasses both construction activities and the provision of necessary materials. Through this partnership, we ensure the desired quality standards and maintain a seamless construction process. We prioritize cooperative and transparent relationships in our pursuit of shared goals.

Building in Existing Structures

Building within existing structures has emerged as another core focus for KoHa Bauausführung in recent years. Depending on the intricacy of the construction project, we selectively assign our skilled personnel to handle this task with expertise and precision.

Turnkey Construction/ Project Development

In the realm of turnkey construction and project development, KoHa Bauausführung undertakes projects as both the developer and general contractor. We bring our own visions to life, such as hotels and residential buildings, while also serving as a trusted general contractor for building owners and business partners. To accomplish this, we collaborate with a diverse pool of architects, structural engineers, building technicians, and reputable firms. We firmly believe that success can only be achieved through cooperative partnerships.